This facility provides a unique opportunity for children of various age groups to work at the Centre during the week-ends to develop their ideas on various aspects of Science & Technology. Membership is available for interested students for long-term hands-on and minds-on engagement in creative activities in science & technology.
The intention is to provide an open platform to the young people to engage in innovative and creative activities. Here they can experiment and pursue with their innovative ideas to nurture their innovative potential and develop innovation centric mindset. The innovation Hub of RSC, Guwahati will engage the youth in creative hobbies and activities in science and technology in spare time to promote their critical thinking and practical problem solving skills. An Idea Box for children to propose ideas and create an idea bank. The best ideas are chosen for experimentation, model making and project work.

Ms Sindhushree Khullar inaugurates the Innovation Hub by cutting ribbon

Ms Sindhushree Khullar delivering inaugural speech

Ms Sindhushree Khullar delivering inaugural speech (close-up view)

Ms Sindhushree Khullar and Director(CRTL) unveiling "Folders" of Innovation Hub.

Ms Sindhushree Khullar along with other dignitaries visiting the Innovation Hub

Ms Sindhushree Khullar along with other dignitaries visiting the Innovation Hub

Ms Sindhushree Khullar along with other dignitaries visiting the Innovation Hub

Innovation Festival

Regional Science Centre, Guwahati organises "Innovation Festival" every year some time during February- March in its premises. The Innovation festival organised for 2 to 3 days provides a common platform to people like- Innovators, Artists, Performers, Crafters, Science demonstrators etc. working in different field in showcasing their creativity.
In the Innovation Festival held for two days, activities were divided in some sections like- Innovators, Artisans, Do-it-yourselves, Challenge corner, Departmental activity etc. Innovators from different parts of Assam and its adjacent districts are invited to take part with their machines/ unique creations in the Innovators section. In the Artisans section, experts from different fields like Art, Craft, Music, Pottery, Bell metal, Dokra, Sholapith, Sculpture, Terracotta etc. are invited to take part with their creative endeavours and to demonstrate to the visitors. The artisans shows their individual's unique creation connected with their culture with live demonstrations before the visitors. In the Do-it-yourselves section, many hands-on-activities are conducted by experts from outside and also from NCSM units. As a part of the Do-it-yourselves corner, Make & Take activity attracts students and families. Here, visitors are allowed to make some science kits by using readily available material around them. After making the specific kits, same are allowed to take with them. The Challenge Corner is one of the most visitors gathering section. Some of the interesting science based challenges are given to individuals, family and others who visit the festival. The best participants in the Challenge corner are awarded with prizes. These activities are conducted continuously throughout the days. Besides, many other demonstrations/ participatory activities like Aeromodelling, Robotics, Hydroponics, are also being conducted.