As coal is obtained from underground through coal mine, so we all are immensely curious about how a coal-mine does look like and what is happening deep down below the ground in that dark world. To fulfil our curiosities, visit to a real coal mine is not only difficult but is also restricted. In view of this, Regional Science Centre, Guwahati has developed one new mock-up coal mine gallery of 2000 square feet area which is ready for visitors to explore.

Visitors can take a trip in our coal mine tour and experience the unique atmosphere of a real coal mine that was once the workplace for hundreds of miners. Our experienced guide will show you around the workings, explaining the methods used to mine coal past and present, whilst providing an insight into the working life of a miner. The air circulation and illumination techniques inside the mine, in spite of its great depth and extreme darkness, are presented here. One can have an idea of the coal cutting methods - both manual and mechanical, how coal is transported out of the mine, why the tunnel does not collapse after the excavation of coal, what are the safety measures adopted etc.

This mock up coal mine brings to you all such unknown, absorbing and unique facts of the subterranean. We look forward to making your visit pleasant. Thank you for visiting the Coal Mine. We hope that you have made or are about to make wonderful new memories.

The earlier Coal Mine gallery is redesigned according to the real Coal Mine. The gallery with new looks is inaugurated by Shri Keshab Mahanta, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of Science & Technology, Water Resources and IT, Govt. of Assam in presence of Shri Hrisikesh Goswami, Hon’ble Media Adviser to Chief Minister of Assam on 7th March, 2017.