What is a Fish?
Fish has a small brain, cold-blooded animal with a skeleton of hard bones or soft cartilage, with pair or single fins and which breathes by means of gills that extracts oxygen from the water in which they live. Typically, they have a pointed head and streamlined body. The tail fin provides forward thrust, the dorsal and anal fins prevent rolling, while the pelvic and pectoral fins are used for steering and breaking.

Aquarium at Regional Science Centre. Guwahati is yet another addition to the various existing facilities. This is the first such facility in the North-Eastern part of our country. This aquarium complex is having sixteen tanks housing more than 30 different species of both ornamental and edible fishes. Besides, an exhibition on fish and fish biology shall help students and general visitors in understanding the subject.

To see these beautiful creatures and to understand their biology, please visit the Aquarium Gallery.