Fun Science

A whole new World of wonder and amazement is awaiting the visitors here to interact with 35 plus hands on exhibits. In this gallery on “Fun Science” the curious mind will have enough to explore and understand.

We have trapped tornadoes in a glass. Simply by push of a button see a tornado form in front of you.

Just with a press of button, trap chirping birds in a cage but the birds will outsmart you and magically disappear from the cage.

Simply wave your hands in air and create your own music. Not only your hands but your legs are equally skilled in music. Simply walk on huge piano keyboard and generate your own melody.

A special effect TV- studio with state of art chroma-keying facility is another jewel in the armoury of Regional Science Centre. It’s ready for entertaining you to the hilt. Come and learn science the Fun way.

These are only few examples. Come and see and learn more by doing with enjoyment.