Prehistoric Life Park

The Earth was formed about 4600 million years ago. During this period, history of the earth, million of plant animal species had evolved. Vast mountain ranges have risen and been worn away and continents have broken up and drifted across the globe, then collided again to form new land masses.

Different animals in the fossil record appeared at different times. The very tiny changes that occurred in animals gradually produced, after million of years, quite different animals. These gradual changes in living things, as time goes on, are called evolution. All living things change as one generation succeeds another.

Now, none of the prehistoric animals are alive. The animals living in today's world are totally different. This process of evolution is still continuing.

The Prehistoric Life Park covering an area of 2720 sq. mtrs. is the first of its kind in the North Eastern region of India. This Park gives a very wonderful experience that takes you to the prehistoric world where different species of animals lived on the sea as well as on the land about 500 million years to 10,000 years ago.
To get an ambience of prehistoric life with animals, please visit the Prehistoric Life Park.