Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Garden

Medicinal and Aromatic plants are local heritage with global importance. There are large number of Medicinal and Aromatic plant species in the world. Many of them we use for various purposes and many more are not known to us. The garden at RSC Guwahati has about 80 different varieties of Medicinal and Aromatic plant species spread in around 800 area. Special feature of this garden is even visually impaired people can experience these plants. Visitors can see these plants and know their names, parts of the plants used for Medicinal and Aromatic purposes.

One third of the world's blind population is in India. It is estimated that ten million blind people are there in our country and out of them at least one third are children. To make these children aware about our heritage, special provisions have been made in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Garden in the form of 'Touch and Smell' plants. Plants with different textured leaves and smell are kept which are medicinally and aromatically very important. Special pathways with chequered tiles have been provided in the garden where blind people can walk easily.

Visit this unique endeavour to discover remedies for common ailments from natural sources, and lots more.