घटनाओं का कैलेंडर

2015-16 के दौरान क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान केंद्र , गुवाहाटी की गतिविधियों का कैलेंडर

Date Activities
7th April, 2015 World Health Day celebration
22nd April, 2015          World Earth Day celebration
11th  May, 2015 National Technology Day celebration
18th May, 2015 International Museum Day celebration
22nd May, 2015 World Biodiversity Day
April- May, 2015 Mobile Science Exhibition
5th June, 2015 World Environment Day celebration
21st June, 2015 Yoga Day
26th June, 2015 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
July, 2015 Teacher’s Training Programme
11th July, 2015 World population Day
July, 2015 Computer Training Programme
July 2015 Summer Hobby Camp for students
Last week of August, 2015 State Level Science Seminar
15th August 2015 Independence Day celebration
20th August, 2015 World Mosquito Day
August - September 2015 Mobile Science Exhibition
16th September 2015 Ozone Day celebration
September 2015 Teachers Training Programme   
4th & 5th October 2015 World Animal Day celebration
22nd October, 2015 World Energy Day
October 2015 State Science Drama competition
October 2015 N E Zonal Science Drama competition
10th November, 2015 World Science Day celebration
14th November 2015 Children’s Day Celebration
1st December, 2015 AIDS Day
3rd December 2015 Celebration of International Day of Differently abled Persons
25th January, 2016 Celebration of Indian Tourism Day
26th January 2016 Republic Day celebration
January 2016 State Science & Engineering Fair 
January/ February 2016 Mobile Science Exhibition
4th February, 2016 Celebration of World Cancer Day
February, 2016 Innovation Festival
28th February 2016 National Science Day Celebration
March 2016 Computer Training Programme
15th March 2016 Anniversary Day celebration of RSC, Guwahati
22nd March, 2016 World Water Day

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